What To Shoot?

Don’t know what to shoot? Not sure what we are looking for? We are looking for stock images that represent the Black and Indigenous people of Canada. If you had to run a promotional campaign about a product where the target audience was Black and Indigenous, what would you want to see?

Of course, this does not mean we do not accept images taken outside of Canada. As long as they feature and represent the culture and traditions of Black and Indigenous people, your stock will have priority in our database. Please see our FAQs for more answers.

Some Ideas

See below for ideas.

  • A doctor at the hospital
  • A doctor wearing PPE
  • A doctor treating a patient
  • A patient in the hospital
  • A patient walking in a hospital
  • A doctor talking to a patient
  • A nurse helping a doctor
  • A nurse treating a patient
  • A nurse practitioner talking to a doctor
  • A child getting a COVID-19 test
  • An adult getting a COVID-19 test
  • A person working at the desk
  • A person typing on a laptop
  • A person drinking coffee at the desk
  • A person talking on a mobile phone
  • A person texting on a mobile phone
  • A person clicking a computer mouse
  • Couple working from a home office
  • Home office with coffee and notebook
  • A hand moving a mouse
  • A hand typing on the keyboard
  • A hand writing in a notebook at a desk
  • Children in school halls
  • Children in class
  • Teachers in class
  • Teachers pointing to a blackboard
  • Children studying at a desk
  • First day of school
  • Children on a school bus
  • Bus driver waving to children
  • Principle talking to the teacher
  • Student in detention
  • Children in front of Christmas tree
  • Children opening presents
  • Children leaving Santa Claus cookies
  • Children on Santa’s lap
  • Children waiting to open presents
  • Christmas family dinner
  • Parents drinking holiday drink
  • Children, parents and grandparents together
  • Kwanza holiday celebrations
  • Kwanza traditions
  • Traditional Caribean food
  • Traditional Indigenous food
  • Sunday Dinner
  • Curry chicken with roti
  • Black and Indigenous restaurants
  • Traditional cocktails and drinks
  • Parents making food
  • Children helping mom make family secret recipe
  • Children helping dad make secret recipe
  • A Person making a traditional tea

What's So Different?

POC Images was created to feature and spotlight Black and Indigenous people of Canada but also to help photographers gain extra income.

We split revenue 60-40 where 60% goes to the photographer. We need a few bucks to keep the lights running but beyond that, we want POC to become a reliable source of income for photographers all across Canada.

Commission will be paid on a monthly basis to each photographer based on the site sales of individual licenses and subscriptions.

All stock photography will be accepted. However, the goal of POC Images is to feature and promote Black and Indigenous people. These are the images that will always take priority on our platform. All images will be searchable in our database,  With the understanding between vendor and agency that priority will be taken upon images and content that reflect POC Images core value and mission.

Why Do Stock Photos?

Stock photography has changed drastically over the past 10 years. It’s no longer images of dull scenery,  or fake smiles. You now have a plethora of images and pictures to choose from that will fit any caption you have.

With social media on the rise, the need for images that represent your brand and culture is more important than ever.

We want to change how photographers may view stock photography. Look at it as a way to make passive income. What are you doing with all those images sitting on your memory card anyway? Put them to use and let them make money for you by joining POC Images.

Stock images for a colourful world.

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