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You’ve all heard of the term before. POC – People of Color. But, since the inception of this project, that term seems to have overstayed its welcome. So, in order to stay true to the core reason why this stock image site was created, which is to feature Black and Indigenous people doing regular stock photography poses, we went back to the thinking board.

It turned out that the answer was always in front of our eyes:

People Of Canada

The people of Canada are diverse, colourful, vibrant and from all over the world. We want to show the world our diversity while featuring Black and Indigenous people who are often forgotten when it comes to stock photography.

What is stock photography? Common images of everyday people doing common things. And let’s face it. Visible minorities are the most common people around the world yet, they are the least represented in stock images doing regular things like holding money, shaking a leaf, or tapping a laptop.

POC Images’ goal is to spotlight and feature the culture of Black and Indigenous people through a Canadian lens and atmosphere while exploring all the different colours that make this land so beautiful.

Why Do Stock Photos?

Stock photography has changed drastically over the past 10 years. It’s no longer images of dull scenery,  or fake smiles. You now have a plethora of images and pictures to choose from that will fit any caption you have.

With social media on the rise, the need for images that represent your brand and culture is more important than ever.

We want to change how photographers may view stock photography. Look at it as a way to make passive income. What are you doing with all those images sitting on your memory card anyway? Put them to use and let them make money for you by joining POC Images.

Stock images for a colourful world.

The Brains Behind The Images

Sherley Joseph

Johanne Britton

POC Images is a Royalty-Free Stock Images / Videos and Assets agency that spawns out of the frustrations of Two Woman-Led Entrepreneurs Johanne Britton a Web Developer and Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, and Sherley Joseph a Content Creator / Social Media Strategist in Toronto, ON Canada.

As part of our roles, we found that there were very few or specific stock photos of people of colour for us to purchase to help our clients’ blog articles social media posts, website images, online shopping sites, logos etc. You get the picture.

Basically stock photos with Indigenous, African, LatinX, South America, South Asian that existed, showing Black and Indigenous people living their lives were and still are hard to find and there are very few to choose from. This proved to be a huge time consumption and a hindrance during our work trying to find the right image in many other stock photography websites.  From this grew the POC Images Stock concept. That collaborative, and photographer/ videographer centric.

At the time, we have relied on our own efforts. But through pocimages.ca, we have set up the option for photographers to submit their pictures, videos, and illustrations (vector images), with strict adherence to quality requirements, that show the rich, cultural and contemporary lives of the People Of Canada.

On POC Images, users can find images of all colors and photographers can contribute quality images and videos. For uploading files and downloading full-sized images, paid registration is required.

Please, take the time to view our stock images. If there are comments and suggestions, please feel free to send us an email at stock@pocimages.ca

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